Air Mobility Urban - Large Experimental Demonstrations


AMU-LED will allow UAM stakeholders to specify various use cases applicable to logistics and urban transport of passengers, to integrate UAM environment, to demonstrate the UAS ground and airborne platforms and finally, to assess safety, security, sustainability and public acceptance.

AMU-LED will test real UAM operations in a U-space eco-system for coordinated flights of several types of UAVs in different scenarios, use cases and applications (e.g. air taxis, emergency services, delivery of goods, surveys, etc.) for surveillance, logistics and mobility using air vehicles. At the end of the project, it will be demonstrated that any city or urban region (e.g. sparsely populated areas) may have the capability to offer UAM services and infrastructures taking into account its specificities, but in a standardized and safe form. Finally, this project will contribute significantly to define the needs and features of the Urban Air Vehicle (UAV) on-board equipment. A set of various experimentations will be performed in three counties in Europe (the UK, Spain and the Netherlands), towards the test of the drone platform itself but also the U-space relevant services to be deployed. The UAM eco-system needs to be holistically considered as a system of systems.

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Objective 1

Safe interaction of UAM with other Airspace Users: AMU-LED will define and test U-space services and technologies to provide means to coordinate and integrate safely UAM operations with other Air Space Users, including manned aviation and ATC coordination. (Please note that the objective is different from full integration with ATM, and SWIM information exchanges activities foreseen in SESAR Pj34)

Objective 2

Safe UAM flight: Additionally, AMU-LED Project will explore the requirements of UAM platforms to fly and navigate safely even in complex urban environments, considering the impact of buildings both in surrounding air streams and multipath effects on electromagnetic signals in space providing guidance (e.g. GNSS) and communications (e.g. 4G/5G) to the UAM platforms


The 1st AMU-LED workshop is now available online!

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