May 14, 2021



What does a city need to be UAM friendly?

Drones have burst into our society with lightning speed. Their multiple applications suit the needs of the 21st century offering new possibilities for business in civil and noncivil applications. Logistics,…

Safety of UAM

Urban Air Mobility (UAM) or Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) – defined as an air transportation system for passengers and cargo in and around urban environments, has increased its presence in…

Privacy Considerations within UTM

How to ensure privacy and safety of citizens. What happens with all the data gathered through drone operations? How standards can help in dealing with illegal drone activity As the…

Added societal value of Urban Air Mobility

With the Horizon SESAR JU Very Large Demonstrator project AMU-LED we take the opportunity to not only demonstrate how complex scenarios with multiple types of unmanned aircraft can safely be…

Can drones fill our skies safely?

Urban Air Mobility revolution is expected to crowd the airspace, especially over cities, with a large variety of unmanned operations, from goods delivery to air taxis, but also infrastructure inspection,…
airspace structure

AMU-LED UAM Concept of Operations

AMU-LED’s Concept of Operations (ConOps) targets a transitional mid-term (2025-2030), when the first piloted air-taxis will start operating in cities within U-space airspaces with most U1-U2 services deployed. AMU-LED assumes…
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