AMU-LED Open Day

Rotterdam (The Netherlands)


Invite for AMU-LED open day in the Netherlands

Preliminary results use cases UAM & U-Space

23 August 2022 | 13.00 - 17.30

RDM Rotterdam

AMU-LED consortium would like to invite you to the Netherlands open day. We will present the preliminary findings of the drone use case demonstrations that were carried out in the first half of August in the Netherlands and discuss the challenges and next steps for putting UAM into practice. The focus of these demonstrations will be public acceptance (Amsterdam, Royal NLR), social impact (Enschede, Space53) and economic viability (Rotterdam, AirHub).

Programme and registration

13.00    Walk in

13.30    Welcome

13.45    Intro AMU-LED project

14.00    NLR – Presentation Amsterdam demo

              Space53 – Presentation Enschede demo

              Airhub – Presentation Rotterdam demo

15.00    Preliminary conclusions

15.30    Panel discussion with stakeholders and industry

16.00    Demos and drinks

17.30    End of programme

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1 thought on “AMU-LED Open Day

  • Inportant. Cities must facilitate the use of drones, years ahead in their master plans and on shorter notice with allowing drones to fly safely and land where needed, while at the same time ensure that the population does is not hindered by the new entrants in the sky.

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