February 11, 2021


Deliverable Number Deliverable Title Lead beneficiary Attachment
D1.1 Project Management Plan NTT DATA
D1.2 Intermediate Progress Report NTT DATA
D2.1 Operational Safety Analysis and Concept NLR Download D2.1
High Level ConOps BRTE Download D2.2.010
D3.1 Use Cases and Scenarios Definition NLR Download D3.1
D3.2 Platform, Missions and performance assessment report and U-space system models CRANFIELD Download D3.2
D3.3 Use case specific safety analysis (SORA) documentation Jeppesen GmbH Download D3.3
D3.4 Disruption management framework for nonnominal operations affecting the operator CRANFIELD
D4.1 Technical Description Report A-E Download D4.1
D4.2 Data Management BRTE
D5.1 Adaptation Dataset Integration Control Document ANRA
D5.2 Urban Mission Scenarios and Requirements ANRA
D5.3 Interfaces Design Description ANRA
D5.4 Integration Tests Report ANRA
D5.5 U-space and Air Mobility Services Deployment Plan A-E
Flight Demonstration Campaign Description Report (DEMOP) NLR
D6.2 Results of the Flight Demonstration Report (DEMOR) NLR
D6.3 Availability Note NLR
D7.1 Standards and Regulation Analysis report A-E
D7.2 Gap analysis Jeppesen GmbH
D7.3 UAM services, safety and social acceptance analysis ITG
D8.1 Dissemination, Communication and Data Management Plan NTT DATA
D8.2 Periodic and Final Reports on Dissemination/Exploitation Activities NTT DATA
D8.3 Stakeholder Consultation Questionnaire NTT DATA
D8.5 Web Page NTT DATA
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