First AMU-LED Workshop (UPDATED)

The first AMU-LED workshop was held on the 30th of April from 10am to 12pm CET.

Attendees were introduced to the main goals and scope of the AMU-LED project including details of the very large flight demonstrations scheduled for 2022. Besides, the High Level Concept of Operations (ConOPs) for Urban Air Mobility (UAM) proposed by AMU-LED was presented and discussed openly, including the advised new airspace structure and its implications on separation aspects and integration with other manned and unmanned traffic within cities.

The feedback received during the workshop will be used to refine such Concept in a following version that will set the basis for the definition of the AMU-LED use cases and flight demonstrations.

The workshop was chaired by everis and counted on NLR, Boeing, INECO, Cranfield University and Enaire as presenters.

The workshop slides and the report are available to be downloaded.

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