AMU-LED will design and deliver a detailed Concept of Operations (ConOps) and definition of urban air missions followed by simulations and a vast real-flight demonstration campaign to verify and validate the concepts.

Flight Campaigns

The flight demonstrations will accumulate more than 100 hours and flights will be performed across Europe in three different countries and various scenarios:

  • United Kingdom (Cranfield) – June 2022
  • The Netherlands (Amsterdam / Rotterdam) – August 2022
  • Spain (Santiago de Compostela) – September 2022
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Demonstration hours

Cranfield Demonstration

Cranfield University is the first test campaign providing test of all developed technologies at U-Space architectures, ATM/UTM integration and U-Space Services U1-U3 in a fully controlled complete sandbox environment. 

This fully AMU-LED consortium-controlled sandbox and airspace allows us to test new concepts, systems and service in a controlled manner within a live operational environment whilst getting direct feedback from all the relevant stakeholders as appropriate, in order to develop and produce an optimum solution that works in practice. 

The Netherlands Demonstration

The second flight campaign will take place in the Netherlands, and will make use of three locations to showcase the safe integration of U-space in different urban environments. The campaign in the Netherlands will demonstrate operational procedures to interface with ATC via U-space, engage and deconflict between two drones (pre-flight and in-flight), and deal with flyability and urban canyon issues.

The cities of Enschede, Rotterdam and Amsterdam will host these demonstrations.

Santiago de Compostela Demonstration

Spanish demonstration, coordinated by ITG and carried out in Santiago de Compostela, will test CIS and U-space services deployed in the area to coordinate manned and unmanned traffic employing an architecture where tracking service is not provided by USSPs but as a common service.

The demonstration will address the safe UAM flight and navigation, especially in complex urban environments.

The tests will be carried out close to Santiago de Compostela airport (ATZ and CTR) and will involve several stakeholders and close coordination with Spanish and European authorities and will employ different aerial platforms and drone operators to simulate a future real operation.

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