AMU-LED First Open Day

Cranfield (UK)
30th of June 2022

First Open Day

The first OPEN DAY for the AMU-LED Demos will take place on the 30th of June in CRANFIELD (UK).

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During the day we will demonstrate 4 key elements:

  • All key basic technologies and capabilities across all vehicle types UAM (manned and unmanned), fully autonomous UASs and manned aircraft systems across multiple operators.
  • ATM/U-space integration, operational procedures, and mechanisms across USSPs and the decentralized architecture.
  • U1, U2, U3 U-space services deployment and the specific challenges and gaps towards full U4 U-space services.
  • Contingency management including emergency operations and landing.

Cranfield demonstrations have a co-simulation framework, which stands for having traffic with simulated and actual aircraft combined.

This demonstration constitutes the phase one (first activity) of the Cranfield validation exercise. The phase two (second activity) will be held in September, so stay tuned!!!

Check all the activities of the day in the agenda:

  10:00   Welcome to Cranfield University
  10:20   AMU-LED Project Presentations and Demo Plan

  Tours of the Experimental Locations
          AIRC AAM Lab – simulator system
          DARTEC ATM/UTM Laboratory

  12:00   Open Buffet Lunch
  13:00   Demo Plan Review
  13:30   Flight Demos (with ability to track at site and at laboratories)
  15:00   Closing Remarks

Looking forwards to meeting you all in CRANFIELD!!!

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