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Business cases for air taxis in the skies and over the cities of Europe

When we imagine a futuristic city, an image usually comes to mind of air taxis flying through the sky. A scenario perhaps inspired by science fiction films that have shown this interpretation of ​​future mobility again and again. This transport concept is already part of the present and companies such as UMILES Next have already Read more about Business cases for air taxis in the skies and over the cities of Europe[…]

AMU-LED participates in the 11th Horizon Europe Conference

AMU-LED was selected to participate in the 11th Conference about Horizon Europe, the new research and innovation program in the European Union which was held on 6 April in Valencia (Spain). More than 1,300 attendees discovered the opportunities of the Horizon Europe program and could get information about European projects coordinated by Spanish entities. The Read more about AMU-LED participates in the 11th Horizon Europe Conference[…]

What does a city need to be UAM friendly?

Drones have burst into our society with lightning speed. Their multiple applications suit the needs of the 21st century offering new possibilities for business in civil and noncivil applications. Logistics, agriculture, medical purposes, wildlife conservation, pollution control, emergencies and even transport of passengers and goods, among others, are already available or expected to be a Read more about What does a city need to be UAM friendly?[…]

Privacy Considerations within UTM

How to ensure privacy and safety of citizens. What happens with all the data gathered through drone operations? How standards can help in dealing with illegal drone activity As the SESAR Very Large Demonstration for Urban Air Mobility (UAM) project called AMU-LED  works through the planning and permissions for the demonstration phases in the UK, Read more about Privacy Considerations within UTM[…]

UTM standard evolution in Europe and US – an integrated perspective

AMU-LED assumes that current U-space responsibilities and services will have to be extended to cope with the particularities of the missions and business cases that are specific to Urban Air Mobility (UAM) such as passenger and cargo transport. However, the rapid pace of UAM development poses a challenge for the timely development of regulations and Read more about UTM standard evolution in Europe and US – an integrated perspective[…]

Added societal value of Urban Air Mobility

With the Horizon SESAR JU Very Large Demonstrator project AMU-LED we take the opportunity to not only demonstrate how complex scenarios with multiple types of unmanned aircraft can safely be performed in an urban environment, but we also actively engage with the public. The first conclusions of a local research study show that the general Read more about Added societal value of Urban Air Mobility[…]

AMU-LED WAC Participation

AMU-LED participated in the World ATM congress through a joint presentation with other U-Space projects founded by the SESAR JU: DACUS , BUBBLES and USEPE. The session took place at the WATMC Tower Theatre, on the 27th October with the title “Challenges of Advanced U-space Services and Concepts in Urban Environments”. AMU-LED project was represented Read more about AMU-LED WAC Participation[…]

Can drones fill our skies safely?

Urban Air Mobility revolution is expected to crowd the airspace, especially over cities, with a large variety of unmanned operations, from goods delivery to air taxis, but also infrastructure inspection, etc.. As reported in our previous blog, by 2035, our skies will be at least ten times busier than today. However, such a revolution will Read more about Can drones fill our skies safely?[…]

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